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Custom-made Washbasins

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Custom-made Washbasins
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Who We Are

Danolit is a brand involved in creating unique, made-to-measure washbasins. We carry out orders for customers in Poland and abroad. Our well-coordinated and highly qualified team has many years of experience, combining the best craftsmanship with high manufacturing standards.

Each order is executed based on an individual design. Short lead time is our hallmark – most orders can be delivered to our customers within 12 working days.

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Our Materials

Mineral Composite

A combination of natural mineral aggregates and specialist polyester resin. Valued for its massive stone-like structure and wide range of colours to choose from.

Solid Surface

A modern and light material, very popular among architects and interior designers, allowing the creation of beautiful spatial forms.

Who we are? About Danolit.

Danolit is a Polish brand specializing in the production of custom-made washbasins. We have been operating in the local and international market for over 10 years. At present, we produce approximately 20,000 washbasins every year. We work together with our customers to achieve challenging goals and we are always ready to fulfill non-standard and demanding orders. Our products are intended for bathrooms and bathing rooms in private apartments, schools, medical and dental facilities and beauty parlours. The washbasins produced by our company stand out with their modern design, use safety and durability, due to high standards of manufacturing and handicraft production. The key business advantage is the flexibility of production, which makes it easy for us to customize products without exceeding the short delivery time. Each order is treated as an individual project carried out in consultation with the customer. Our company is headquartered in the town of Police in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

What do we do? We produce custom-made washbasins.

We complete non-standard orders as single project or a series. Each washbasin is produced in conformity with the requirements of the customer, which makes it unique. Our customers have a number of parameters that they can select themselves, such as: shape and thickness of the counter-top, type and positioning of the basin, as well as the color and the finishing method. In this way, we obtain a customer-tailored product that will highlight specific décor elements. The resulting custom-made washbasin is durable, elegant and produced with the utmost attention to detail. We distinguish ourselves from competitors by offering a short delivery time and a personalized approach to each order. We provide support at the stage of creating a concept and a design.

What does our production of custom-made washbasins look like?

We provide a wide range of products to choose from. Our customers can be sure that once they place an order with us, they can leave its completion in our hands. We always endeavour to make the designing process as easy for the customers as possible. They can be sure that their order will be carried out smoothly and in conformity with their concept. Our washbasins are produced from mineral composite or Solid Surface (also known as mineral marble) – proven, reliable and durable materials. What options do we offer in the process of designing a washbasin? It all starts with an idea for a washbasin top, which can be of any shape. You no longer have to choose between a functional and designer washbasin – our products are both functional and design-specific, because we prepare every design in such a way so that it harmonizes with the existing elements of the bathroom installation. Next, you select the shape of the basin. We offer dozens of unique patterns to choose from. In the next step, you specify the color and choose the surface finish – matte or glossy. Finally, you can opt for additional elements such as a towel rail, a hole for a soap dispenser or an under-counter option. As a result, we obtain a unique, custom-made washbasin tailored to the needs of the customer and integrated with the décor of the bathroom.

What are our values?

Our core value is flexibility. Each design of a custom-made washbasin is unique and we take an active part in creating it in close consultation with the customer. We respond to individual needs and we are always ready to meet the most demanding expectations.
All this has one goal: to produce custom-made washbasins that we and the customer can be equally proud of.