Terrace Washbasin

In numerous TV programmes, articles in the specialist press and websites dedicated to the arrangement of domestic gardens, terraces, gazebos and other places for relaxation, one detail stands out. They lack tips on arranging a place for a washbasin. Is it at all necessary?

Most house owners have lots of accessories for cultivation and keeping order around the building. Eco-friendly activities encourage hanging bird feeders, placing bird drinkers or special boxes for insects and small rodents or useful hedgehogs. Almost everyone keeps dogs or cats, there are even amateur hobby breeders of hens and pigeons. We have come to love barbecues, backyard smokehouses and bread ovens. The number of gadgets we own is constantly growing.

Have your ever wondered where to wash and clean all these items or where to replenish water for animals during hot summers and prolonged periods without rain? Bring them inside, wash with garden hose, take water from rain barrels? None of the above is convenient or ergonomic, none can ensure order.

A proper solution may be to install a washbasin on your terrace or somewhere near. It takes just a bit of imagination to select its shape and colour that will not only allow you to obtain aesthetic and unique effect but also make your work around the house easier.

There are a lot of washbasins to choose from but installing one outdoors has certain requirements. It should be made of a material resistant to changing weather conditions. Using composites may be a good solution here. Our experience and knowledge tell us they are durable, do not deform or discolour, and are easy to clean. They are aesthetic, offer an extremely wide range of colours to choose form, and each design can be tailored to a given house, taking into account the specific style and taste of its owners.

It is important to remember to design a plumbing connection and select a garden tap – here we can let our imagination run wild and go a little crazy because we are not as limited by the available space as for instance in a bathroom. We may decide on a tap with a pull-out sprayer to be able to wash the countertop as well. The excess water can be used to rinse the ground.

If the above is not enough to encourage you to install a terrace washbasin, may be you could take into account that this solution is already being used by some, including the undersigned lucky owner of two dogs, a cat and six hens.