Trends in Colours, Gold in Bathrooms

Colours used in interior design are very important. Gold can suit any room – from living and dining rooms all the way to small and large bathrooms. Gold bathroom interiors delight with their luxurious design, shine and sophisticated elegance. This colour emanates energy and beauty. 

How to use the right decor elements, such as a washbasin, especially a monolithic, minimalist one with an integrated countertop, that can be configured as desired, to give the space an impressive, coherent and designer look?

The choice of white and gold may produce many different effects, depending on the style in which they are applied. Designing modern made to measure washbasins – basic equipment for every bathroom – we have modern bowl and countertop shapes in mind.  

The most important elements in the process of creating new collections of bespoke washbasins include the thickness of countertops made from two types of material – solid surface and conglomerate, current trends in colours of washbasins and bathroom fittings as well as the possibility of selecting additional accessories. 

At the stage of designing your own Danolit washbasin you can go for additional options: relocate or remove the tap hole and/or overflow hole, provide for a soap dispenser hole or a long opening to hang a towel. Additionally, there is a possibility to add wall strips and under counter strips in the process of creating a made to measure washbasin with an integrated countertop.

A minimalist bespoke washbasin made from the state-of-the-art lightweight solid surface material, very popular in the interior design and architectural sectors, combined with gold accessories such as bathroom fittings, fits in perfectly with recurring trends for gold in bathroom spaces. Products made from the solid surface we manufacture form a uniform casting, with the washbasin countertop only 12 mm thick. It means that we do not glue washbasins with countertops, but create a consistent monolithic casting. This makes us stand out from the competition.

White and gold decor has many advantages: from its already mentioned unique character to the enduring beauty and versatility that do not disappear with trends. These colours may seem cold and unapproachable, but used in a balanced way, they will prove timeless!