Washbasin TALIA

Technical Data

Available bowl dimensions

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    Specify countertop shape and dimensions

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    Bowl length:

    50 cm*

    *Dostępne różne wymiary

    Bowl width:

    30 cm*

    Bowl depth:

    10 cm

    Countertop dimension:


    *Various dimensions available

    Product sheet





    hanging wash basin / countertop wash basin

    Bowl shape:


    Available bowl sizes:

    50 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm

    Available top length:

    40 - 300 cm

    Available top width:

    30 - 80 cm

    Available top thickness:

    from 12 mm

    Top finish:

    matte, satin, gloss (composite)

    Available options:

    faucet hole: offset/none,
    strip beneath the top,
    wall strip,
    towel cut-out,
    soap dispenser hole,
    any positioning of bowl on the top

    Available material:

    mineral composite or solid surface

    Warranty period:

    24 months

    Lead time:

    from 10 days within PL and EU



    sample project

    Sample project

  • Model: TALIA double
  • Top length: 165
  • Top width: 50
  • Bowl dimensions: 50 x 30 x 10
  • Material: mineral composite
  • Color: white
  • Type: countertop wash basin
  • Top thickness: 12 mm
  • Strip beneath the top: no
  • Wall strip: no
  • Finish: matt
  • Sample project

    • Model: TALIA
    • Top length: 165
    • Top width: 50
    • Bowl dimensions: 50 x 30 x 10
    • Material: mineral composite
    • Color: black pearl
    • Type: hanging wash basin
    • Top thickness: 23 mm
    • Strip beneath the top: yes, from 3 sides, strip height 20 cm, towel cut-out
    • Wall strip: no
    • Finish: matte


    sample project

    Our materials

    Mineral Composite

    A combination of mineral aggregates with specialist polyester resin.

    • A massive structure similar to natural stone.
    • A wide range of colours.
    • Finishing with a layer of dedicated sanitary gel coat.
    Solid surface

    A modern material, popular in the interior design and architecture industries.

    • Products made from the solid surface manufactured by us form a uniform casting. It means that we do not glue washbasins, but create a consistent monolithic casting.
    Available colors:

    Any size of the countertop

    Configure your washbasin

    Use our own washbasin configurator. You will have a chance to specify all possible parameters for your new monolithic washbasin.

    Choose the bowl model

    Determine the dimensions of the countertop

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