Material Characteristics

Mineral Composite

The mineral composite is a material formed by combining mineral aggregates with specialist polyester resin. It is highly valued in manufacturing stylish kitchen and bathroom products. This composite is characterised by a solid structure much like natural stone, in a wide range of colours, and is finished with a layer of dedicated sanitary gelcoat.

Wide Range of Colours
Massive and Heavy
Natural Material
  • The wide range of colours available – as many as 12 appealing shades – is extremely important in the context of bathroom finish aesthetics – providing many interesting interior design possibilities.
  • The mineral composite is characterised by its massive structure, making it look much like natural stone. Products made from this material are heavy and durable.
  • Our mixture for the production of mineral composite products is made mostly of crushed dolomite rocks from the southern regions of Poland. We select natural raw materials from reliable and tested sources.

Solid surface

Solid surface is a modern material, very popular in the interior design and architectural sectors. Products with the solid surface manufactured by us form a uniform casting. This means that we do not glue washbasins to countertops, but mould them as a consistent, monolithic casting. This makes us stand out from the competition.

Uniform Casting
Spatial Forms
  • Our washbasins are moulded as uniform, smooth castings without any welds or junctures. Such a structure ensures splendid aesthetic results and makes it easy to keep the product clean. There is no risk of delamination or weld splitting.
  • The solid surface products are characterised by their lightness, which translates into a wide range of applications as well as slender and graceful design.
  • Our solid surface manufacturing technology allows us to produce spatial forms as well. A washbasin integrated with a shelf or auxiliary countertop are among many examples of its use. Show us your idea and we will turn it into reality.

Available Colours:

Additional information

Easy to Clean

Danolit washbasins are as functional as they are aesthetic. Our products are convenient to use and easy to clean with widely available mild detergents. Since they are made of one full casting, there is no risk of delamination or slits where dirt could accumulate. The monolithic nature of our products ensures their beautiful and elegant appearance for many years, requiring no effort from the user. An additional advantage of our washbasins and countertops is their renewable surface, allowing easy regeneration or restoration. All these features lead to problem-free use of our products for a long time.

Resistance confirmed by laboratory testing

Our materials have passed positive tests in a renowned research institute Łukasiewicz Research Network – Kraków-based Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials and we can confirm their resistance to chemicals and staining agents.

We develop our products with great passion and commitment, therefore Danolit products meet all the normative requirements
and safety rules effective in the bathroom segment.


Our material is resistant to:


staining agents, e.g. cosmetics – methylene blue

(on condition that the surface has been CLEANED immediately after staining)

Cleaning agents

such as: sodium chloride – salts; sodium hypochlorite – bleaching agents, bleaching agents with active chlorine; sodium hydroxide – cleaning agents, e.g. drain cleaner; acetic acid – vinegar-based descalers


alcohol-based agents, salicylic alcohol

Danolit washbasins are made from certified
and distinct materials – mineral composite
and solid surface.

During our company’s over ten years of activity, we have developed our own rformulas we use to manufacture our washbasins and countertops. We have also worked out unique technical solutions that allow us to flexibly meet the needs of ongoing orders. Our production process organisation and management ensure that orders are well cared for at each stage of their execution. A significant aspect of our work is the use of craftsmanship that gives Danolit products their unique character.